Monday, 5 January 2009


Webmynd is a Firefox add-on that records every website you visit and saves a virtual copy on your hard drive. It is an extension to your natural memory. As you browse the web Webmynd saves a virtual copy of websites to your hard drive so that you can search and find things again when ever you need them. Even if the page has changed or disappeared from the web you can still find the copy in your WebMynd.

Webmynd's thesis is that traditional systems of bookmarking and tagging links will become obselete. As webpages are becoming more dynamic saving a simple link is not good enough.

Users can personalise the right-hand side of Google with the information sources that they most value. Instead of ads, users can embed sources such as Wikipedia, Flickr, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, their WebMynd visual browsing history and most frequently visited sites.