Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Bill Monitor from Optimor

BillMonitor helps users save money on their mobile phones by ensuring they are on the correct tariff. The flagship service uses advanced statistics to identify the best price plan for customers based on their individual usage pattern, considering tens of thousands of tariff options available in the market today from UK mobile phone companies.

BillMonitor’s technology analyses historical usage patterns, predicts future behaviour, and suggests the best mobile price plans with a high degree of certainty that individuals will see real savings.

Because people’s mobile calling habits change frequently, BillMonitor uses predictive and data mining maths from Oxford scientists to anticipate future needs, recommending the best tariff plan and services early enough for you to enjoy maximum savings.

BillMonitor keeps track of usage updating users on a monthly basis ensuring they are always informed of their usage relative to the tariffs available.

BillMonitor was developed by Optimor Labs Ltd.

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