Monday, 5 January 2009

Habit Industries - Fuzzwich

Fuzzwich aims to solve many of the problems associated with monetising social media by allowing brands to develop engaging and distributable ads - quickly and easily.
Fuzzwich is a system for creating and running user generated ad campaigns using an innovative animation technology.
Because it is completely online, Fuzzwich is able to bridge the gap between creation and distribution. As well as standard sharing options for social networks and blogs, Fuzzwich animations deploy directly to video sites and advertising networks. Fuzzwich is an end to end social media solution. In industry terms, it provides the interactive ad format, a social campaign landing page, the administration tools and the measurement metrics. It's everything you need for an ad campaign, on the clients site, the Fuzzwich site or Facebook. The audience will create and share beautiful animations featuring the brand's characters, products, and music. Once the brand's assets are in incorporated, they instantly become playful, engaging, and distributable as social media, wrapped in a campaign system that keeps it easy to measure and easy to manage.