Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Seedcamp was inspired by Saul Klein in a blog post in February 2007.

Seedcamp it is a collective initiative by members of the VC community, serial entrepreneurs, mentors, and angel investors and was founded in the belief that Europe has the talent, the role models, and the capital founders and entrepreneurs need to succeed.
It aims to provide a catalyst for the next generation of great entrepreneurs and help them to take risks, think big, and succeed.

Participating in Seedcamp provides enormous validation and access to a world-class network of advisors to help with every aspect of the entrepreneurs business, plus a direct route to seed and venture capital

Seedcamp runs an annual event in London at which 20 finalists of a Europe wide competition participate, receiving intensive mentoring and gettting the opportunity to present their companies to an experienced audience.

The 6 winners are entitled to receive Euros 50,000 in return for 10% of their company.

If a team that is selected agrees to take the investment, the funding will be sufficient for them to move to London for at least three months.

The goal of this 3-month period is to help grow and nurture the teams by providing the same level of intensity and in-depth focus on developing the product and business.

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