Thursday, 1 January 2009


Image representing Lookery as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseLookery is an advertising and user-targeting network offering lightweight, economical targeting data.

Lookery is building behavioral targeting systems, without the expensive computation infrastructure or pricey agency sales force. The data-aggregation operations are cloud-based, variable-costed and can be scaled up or down on-demand.

Lookery is taking the cheap, web-scale, participatory tack necessary to provide economical web-wide user targeting: it operates a social network-centric ad network to drive volume, free data collection and large distribution partnerships. Lookery is aggregating user-reported data from, and with the permission of, social networks, dating sites, ISPs, and e-commerce sites. It offers the aggregated targeting data back out via its ad network customers, statistics widgets, as well as unbundled targeting, APIs.

Lookery provides revenue to social networks, dating sites, ISPs, and e-commerce sites by aggregating their user profiles for targeting across the web. When Lookery is paid for user targeting, it shares revenue with the profile contributors. These payments provide a new, and purely incremental revenue stream, completely detached from their site’s page inventory.
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