Wednesday, 31 December 2008


The Daylife intelligent content services platform offers a compelling way for any publisher to complement their own editorial expertise by adding fresh pages, sections, or whole sites of high-quality, targeted content with little or no staffing resources.

is an online news aggregator including a news platform based on the concepts of the semantic web., launched in 2007, is a showcase of the platform and provides access to a publicly accessible API. Initially known as NewsDB, Daylife is situated both as a news-browsing engine and a platform. This dual structure allows users and publishers alike a view into every subject, country, point of view, or topic in the news.

The Daylife service provides access to a continually growing index of all the articles and images of many thousands of sources, including established news outlets and blogs. The whole platform is fully automated and without human intervention. It uses various proprietary algorithms, AI, and NLP to derive all its data and output.

Daylife's Developer API, DayPI, provides programmers with a web accessible interface to Daylife's news aggregation and analysis service. By using the API, developers can ask rich questions about the news, and retrieve data that will allow them to build applications around the answers to those questions. Both free and paid access is available.

Publishers using Daylife's platform include: The Washington Post, USA Today, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Newsweek, SkyNews, CNN Money and Treehugger.