Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Imagini is a London-based technology company that has developed patent-pending technology to capture Visual DNA, a means of understanding emotions through images. There are currently three patents pending for the underlying IP.

BBC has nominated Youniverse, Imagini's visual communication platform, one of the best sites on the web. Other media such as the The Wall Street Journal, PC World and The Guardian have positively reviewed Imagini.

The Imagini technology builds Visual DNA by collecting the feelings and motivations of consumers using image-based quizzes that identify and map visual preferences across a series of behavioural axes. The technology can be used to capture emotional responses to a wide variety of pictorial stimuli from aesthetic elements such as style and form, through to more abstract concepts such as freedom, happiness, fulfilment and love.

This visual approach differs from traditional text-based research tools since it taps into the strongest source of emotional reflex. Images access feelings without the need for higher thought. With Imagini image-based quizzes, users express their emotions in just one click.

Imagini’s technology has been used in collaboration with a number of commercial partners including MSN, the Art Institute of America, The British Army, Nectar,, PepsiCo and

More than 10m people have completed an Imagini quiz/survey.

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